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Why Join Hiawatha Academies

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Who We Are

Hiawatha Academies is a network of high-performing college-preparatory public charter schools focused on closing the opportunity gap in Minneapolis.

With over 1500 students from Kindergarten to grade 12 in our schools, we create a K-12 school experience that empowers students with the knowledge, character, and leadership skills they need to graduate from college. 


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We strive to create a great school for every child, where:

  • Students have consistent access to rigorous, high-quality curriculum
  • Teachers utilize engaging and demanding instructional practices
  • Authentic literacy practices are embedded in all subject areas
  • Students are motivated through effective school culture practices
  • Multi-tiered support systems reach all learners
  • Parents are partners in their child’s education



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  • A free public charter school education to all students K-12
  • Uniforms for every student
  • Free breakfast and lunch program
  • Free Transporation for grades K-8
  • Athletics and student clubs
  • College exploration opportunities
  • Family Academy Program





Meet the team!

At Hiawatha Academies we work with families to make our schools better for your child. Our mission is to empower scholars with the knowledge, character, and leadership skills to graduate from college and serve the common good.

Hiawatha Academies Recruitment and Admissions Director
Recruitment and Admissions Director
Hello, my name is Kabir, and I am the Recruitment and Admissions Director at Hiawatha Academies. Families are our greatest partners, and we are here to support you to learn about our schools and complete the application process. I look forward to hearing from you!
Email: [email protected]



Recruitment team
Community and Family Recruitment Coordinator
I’m Mustafa, nice to meet you. I am a recruiter for Hiawatha Academies and work closely with our African and black families to create a smooth process for you to apply to our award-winning schools! Looking forward to meeting you!
Email: [email protected]



Recruitment team
Community and Family Recruitment Coordinator
I am Karina, I am excited to support you in pursuing a high-quality education for your children. As a Mexican immigrant, I understand the challenges many of our families face in navigating a new education system. I look forward to welcoming you to our of community of K-12 schools.
Email: [email protected]


Transportation Zone

We provide free bus service to students K-8. Hiawatha is constantly looking to expand our transportation zone so we can serve more families in the greater Minneapolis area.