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Why Enroll with Us


Hiawatha Academies is a network of K-12 public charter school that offers your child a unique educational experience that’s challenging, yet fun, and designed to fully prepare them for college. We foster learning habits in our scholars at an early age by allowing them to explore their interests, teaching a robust curriculum with results, and hiring teachers who are truly passionate about education and developing our youth.

We currently have five campuses within the network. Two elementary schools, two middle schools, and a high school. Following this model, we aspire to graduate our scholars from each of our campus to another until they are all ready to attend college and have the necessary skills they need to be able to do so.

At Hiawatha Academies we work with families to make our schools better for your child. Our mission is to empower scholars with the knowledge, character, and leadership skills to graduate from college and serve the common good.

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As a public charter school, like any public school, our services are free including tuition. In addition, we also provide:

  • Transportation at no cost
  • Free breakfast and lunch
  • K-12 network. We see your child from kindergarten through 12th grade and after!
  • School curriculum and culture that prepare scholars for college, life, and leadership
  • 133 dedicated teachers who respect scholars and build nurturing relationships with them
  • Uniforms – so that all child enters our doors as a community

We find that with these basic necessities are taken care of, our scholars and families can focus more on learning and fully enjoying the school experience.

We might be in your Transportation Zone?

Hiawatha Academies offers school bus transportation in over 81 unique zip codes! We provide services to and from our elementary and middle school campuses. High school students receive Metro Transit cards to take public transportation to and from school.

Below is the newest Hiawatha Academies K-8 Transportation Service Area, beginning August 2020


What it means to close the Opportunity Gap

Minnesota has the nation’s second highest achievement gap in reading and math between white students and those of color.

We recognize this gap as being due to differences in opportunity and not ability. Therefore, we have a mission to close this opportunity gap by creating an equitable system of education for all scholars and by providing a welcoming space for scholars and their families from all cultures and backgrounds.