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Weather Closing Information

The primary criteria we consider when making a decision to close buildings include:

  • Safety and well-being of students and staff
  • Severity of the weather (extreme cold, heat, etc.)
  • Timing of weather (overnight, weekend, etc.)
  • Ability for buses and cars to travel safely

We continually monitor the forecast from the National Weather Service, and we meet with numerous administrators in order to make the best decision for scholars, staff, and families. 


Making the Decision

The executive director makes a decision to close schools after consulting with the administrative team and other stakeholders as needed. The bus company is also consulted on the feasibility of safe transport. The Communications Department communicates the status of school to families and staff.

Types of Closures

Full Closure of Hiawatha buildings
In extreme conditions or due to damage to physical locations, the executive director may decide to close all buildings and cancel all events.

After-school activities are canceled
We may cancel all activities at our physical locations if conditions become severe during the day. Every effort will be made to notify families by noon.

  • All after-school and student programs (including extra-curricular activities, athletics, field trips, and school events)
  • All physical meetings scheduled at Hiawatha Academies buildings

Late Start or Early dismissal
Because of our bussing contracts, Hiawatha Academies is not able to provide a late start to the day. Early dismissal is only decided during emergencies because they have a significant impact on transportation. We will notify families as early as possible.



Families are notified about closures via robocalls, text messages, social media, website, and TV news. Please make sure you update your school with your current contact information. Families should assume school is in session unless they are otherwise notified.



Winter Weather Tips and Resources

  • Please dress children appropriately for winter weather conditions.
  • Call the community assistance agency “United Way 2-1-1” at 1-800-543-7709.
  • Refer to family resources webpage for info on free food, shelter, etc