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Who we are

“I can’t think of a more exciting and innovative school serving low income students in Minneapolis. Truly the best I’ve seen to date.”

Hiawatha Academies Supporter

Growing Learners. Growing Leaders.

Hiawatha Academies is a network of public charter schools in Minneapolis serving students from kindergarten to 12th grade. We create a K-12 school experience that empowers students with knowledge, character, and leadership skills.

By nurturing scholars’ character and leadership qualities, in addition to realizing their academic potential, Hiawatha Academies is developing young adults with rich lives, as contributing members of our society.

Our schools

We’ve grown over time from a single K-4 school to a network of elementary school, middle schools, and high school.

Learn more about our different school options below.

 Elementary School  Middle School  Middle School  High School


Our mission

All Hiawatha Academies scholars will be empowered with the knowledge, character, and leadership skills to graduate from college and serve the common good.

Our equity vision

To honor the humanity of all people, we actively disrupt systemic inequity in pursuit of an equitable world. Hiawatha Academies permanently disrupts educational inequity by ensuring a great school for every child.

Our core values

1) Children are at the center of everything we do
We take responsibility for the well-being of each child and empower them to reach their hopes and dreams. We know all children can and will succeed if we do our part.
2) Our mission requires bold thought and action
Hiawatha Academies recognizes that in order to empower young scholars to be tomorrow’s leaders, we must think innovatively and act boldly.
3) We choose optimism
Hiawatha Academies students, scholars, and parents choose optimism daily, with the belief that we can do anything we set our minds to.
4) We push ourselves to improve
Scholars and teachers of Hiawatha Academies embody determination and relentless pursuit in the face of the economic, social, and political obstacles today’s scholars face.
5) We are stronger together
We are a community working together to ensure all our students have access to a quality education Scholars and staff members are encouraged to make decisions that will benefit the entire team.
6) We create fun and a little weirdness
Hiawatha Academies believes that even in rigorous scholarship, there should be room for fun… and a little weirdness. We create an environment that allows our scholars to be themselves, quirks and all, and in which our teachers can create and have fun.

Our approach

1) Set high expectations
We aim to prepare all of our scholars for college, for leadership, and to reach their full potential as individuals.

2) Expand learning time
More learning time than a traditional public school provides, allowing more opportunities to engage students in high-quality instruction through a well-rounded curriculum.
3) Support effective teaching; people matter
Great teachers are critical to students' success. We design observation, feedback, and professional development opportunities for teachers to continuously improve their craft.
4) Focus on results and accountability
Hiawatha Academies relies on standardized tests, six-week interim benchmark exams, and portfolio project-based work to continually assess scholar’s readiness for college and leadership.
5) Build character and leadership skills
Focusing on character helps develop traits, habits of mind and behaviors that are not only critical for success in school but also help young people grow into active citizens and community leaders.
6) Engage parents as partners
Hiawatha Academies believes that quality education results from a partnership between parents, scholars, and the school; our vision for each scholar cannot be fulfilled without parental involvement.