Testimonials » Amanda Williams

Amanda Williams

English Language Arts

Hiawatha College Prep-Kingfield

What are the set of experiences that brought you to teaching?
I knew that I wanted to be a teacher very early on in high school. I loved the creativity and autonomy I saw from my own teachers. I was very lucky to have some great educators in my life from a young age who encouraged me to do my best and to put my all into school, which made me want to do the same for future generations.

What do you love most about teaching?
The simple answer would be the kids, but that answer doesn’t come close to showing how much my students mean to me. When you get that great big hug Monday morning, or you laugh so hard you have to stop your lesson, or that one struggling reader finds a good series they can’t stop reading, or a student who has grappled with a concept finally feels success, or a parent conference leads to amazing outcomes- there is just so much! My job is never boring, that is for sure!

Which Hiawatha Academies core value best represents who you are as a leader?
I have always felt a strong connection to “Always try your best”. Teaching is one of those professions where there is always something more you could do or try- and I think that striving to be an effective educator has made me very determined and driven to always keep rethinking my classroom for my students. If my kids see me willing to try again, they will too!

How does your classroom reflect you, as a person?
First of all, I love predictability and have noticed my students do too-so my classroom is run very similarly from day to day. I also like my students to be in the drivers seat of my classroom. From station groups, to a classroom library that has a lot of choice, I think my classroom offers students the ability to make decisions regarding their reading and learning life. Beyond that, I prefer my surroundings to be homey and spark creativity- hopefully that is what my classroom does for my students!