Testimonials » Devyn Pittorf

Devyn Pittorf

Kindergarten Teacher

Hiawatha Leadership Academy-Morris Park

What do you love most about being a teacher?
The absolute best part of teaching is watching my class become a team. The moments where students exhibit kindness and compassion towards each other are the moments where I find myself beaming with pride and covered in teacher goosebumps.

Why did you choose to teach at Hiawatha Academies?
Our mission to close the opportunity gap and provide a high quality, equitable education to ALL scholars is why I chose and keep choosing to work at Hiawatha Academies.

What is challenging about being a teacher?
The most challenging thing about this work is balancing my personal life with my mission to reach all students. My coworkers help to keep me balanced by helping me get work done and encouraging me to go home when it’s time. The team of teachers and staff at Morris Park is really what keeps me going.