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About Us

Hiawatha Leadership Academy-Morris Park serves Kindergartners through fourth grade.  Since opening in 2007 HLA-Morris Park has been recognized for its strong academic results.

Hiawatha Leadership Academy Morris Park is a school community that believes students build a deep love of learning by recognizing and celebrating leadership in their peers and themselves. Teachers at Morris Park give all students the space to make and learn from mistakes while engaging in joyful and rigorous learning. Our school is a community that regularly gathers together to celebrate and learn from one another. Our approach to student leadership is reflected in our practices.

Heart Values
Our school Heart Values name and celebrate values (Honor, Excellence, Always Try, Responsibility and Team) that make up a foundation of beliefs and practices. Educators across the school use the same values to create a more consistent experience for students, so that students are able to name the leadership skills in themselves and others. At Morris Park we celebrate Heart Values every day, and our students do as well, in ways both big and small. Our values are also meant to help students feel intrinsically motivated to learn. Owls work to be their best selves because they believe in their own potential.

College Focused from Kindergarten
We believe that every single student who walks through our doors has the potential to graduate from college and serve the common good, without exceptions. Students regularly reflect on their hopes and dreams that guide why learning is important to them. From Kindergarten, each student assumes an identity built from a college mascot, and takes time to learn about each college in order to prepare them for their own college experience.

Joyful Community
Owls join together to have fun and celebrate one another, while also building knowledge and experience around social justice. Our whole school begins and ends each week by joining together as a whole school, on Mondays to learn from teachers and peers about the foundations of social justice, and each Friday at our Team and Family celebration. Each week Team and Family looks different, but is always enriching and fun. From guest musicians, spelling bees, student and family performances, and beyond, Team and Family is a time for students, teachers

Welcome Back to Morris Park!

Our K-2 students are coming back to our building for in-person learning and we are excited to see everyone!. Here is a message from Miss Hallie!