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About Us

 "Middle school  student in Minneapolis, Minnesota" "Middle school teacher and student in Minneapolis, Minnesota"

For the 2023-2024 school year Hiawatha College Prep-Kingfield (formerly HCP-K) 8th graders will be housed at Hiawatha Collegiate High School (HCHS). Principal Nicole Cooley, current HCHS principal will be the principal for the 8th graders who will join HCHS as 9th graders the following school year and the Kingfield program will end.
It is important to note that HCHS is a 9-12 high school and 8th grade programs are separate. Hiawatha College Prep Kingfield (HCP-K) will be referred to/recognized as HCP at HCHS and will follow academic guidelines, processes, and procedures as we would for middle schoolers.

Welcome to HCP at HCHS!

HCP at HCHS, offers a rigorous college preparatory curriculum as well as hands-on learning and extracurriculars to support our scholars’ development. The middle school years are an important time for youth to take risks and explore new interests and we offer a safe environment in which to do so.

Our scholars have opportunities to learn through technology, engineering, and the arts in addition to more traditional classroom learning. We employ national best practices to ensure our scholars have the knowledge, skills, and character to be college-ready while cultivating nurturing relationships with them.

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