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Family Association

What is Family Association?

We are an open and inclusive association made up of Hiawatha’s families who seeks to/will always look for ways to connect with families to offer support to the different communities and cultures, with open meetings and within our possibilities, translate/interpret in the mother tongue of those present.

Our Purpose: To be a link between the schools and families/guardians of Hiawatha.

Our Vision: To be an active, responsible, and committed team of families and guardians that participate, support, and come together for the individual, familial, socio-cultural, academic, and governing values of Hiawatha’s community.

Information for meetings at a physical location or online meeting will be communicated to families on the Facebook page.

We will be adding meeting dates soon and communicating them to all families.


Parent Association Contacts:
Jose (English & Spanish): (612) 990-1726
Jonathan (Spanish): (612) 666-4557
Email - [email protected]

*If a Somali parent wants to reach out, they can leave me a message or text and I'll connect with the Somali translator to get them the info they need.

Please let us know if there are any scheduling conflicts with the school calendar and we'll reschedule things as needed.

* * *

Nuestro propósito: Queremos ser un vínculo entre las escuelas y familias y tutores.

Nuestra Visión: Ser un equipo de familias y tutores activos, responsables y comprometidos que participan, apoyan y convocan para el desarrollo de los valores individuales, familiares, socio-culturales, académicos y directivos para la comunidad de Hiawatha.

Los detalles de las reuniones, ya sean en línea o presenciales, se comunicará a las familias a través de la página de Facebook.

Pronto agregaremos fechas de reuniones y las comunicaremos a todas las familias.



Parent Association Contacts:
Jose (English & Spanish): (612) 990-1726
Jonathan (Spanish): (612) 666-4557
Email - [email protected]

Háganos saber si hay algún conflicto de programación con el calendario escolar y reprogramaremos las cosas según sea necesario.