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Our Values

H.E.A.R.T. Values

All Hiawatha schools have adopted a clear set of school-wide values by which students, teachers, parents and leadership pledge to live at all times: Honor, Excellence, Always Try Again, Responsibility, and Team. By learning the H.E.A.R.T. values at an early age, our students will be prepared to go to and through college and to be citizens that serve the common good.


Honor is the ability to recognize the goodness in each individual and to respect oneself and others. At Hiawatha Academies, students will learn to honor each other, the school, their families, their community, and themselves. Faculty will model honor by treating students, families, and one another with respect. In addition, teachers will model self-worth by dressing and conducting themselves professionally.

Excellence Everyday

Students, teachers and staff will strive for excellence in both academics and character. Students will be expected to develop the critical thinking skills, desire, discipline, and attention to detail to do their best work. This means that students will complete 100% of their class work and homework, with special care taken in neatness and homework turned in on time. When students have yet to meet these standards, they will be asked to redo their work. Teachers will be vital in modeling excellence to their students. Teachers will embody thoughtful lesson planning, creative and innovative instruction, and a strong focus on academic results.

Always Try Again

Students will embody determination and relentless pursuit in the face of the economic, social, and political obstacles. Each day, students will set goals they will strive to meet. Classroom teams will spend time at their afternoon meetings celebrating successes and making an action plan for the next day. When a student is struggling, she or he will be supported and encouraged to remember the importance of perseverance—that success can be realized with hard work and by asking for help.


Service and taking ownership for making positive change every single day is at the core of Hiawatha Academies' mission. Students will take responsibility for their own learning, their actions, and for helping teammates to ensure that everyone learns and succeeds. Hiawatha Academies will establish a culture where students also take responsibility for helping their peers.  In addition, students will learn the importance of making small and large positive changes every day, such as saying thank you to someone who helps them.


The saying "team beats individual" is central to the culture of Hiawatha Academies. The concept of team is much larger than teamwork. Students and staff members are encouraged to make decisions that will benefit the entire team. Teachers will work closely together so our schools can collectively reach our mission. For example, teachers will collaborate with one another to evaluate student work and maintain a common standard for student writing across all subjects. In addition, much of the school's discipline and reward system will be public with the understanding that the school is one team and one family. Teammates will be expected to help each other through difficult times, support one another, and help everyone maximize their learning potential.

At Hiawatha Academies, our students, teachers and school leaders all make a commitment to excellence. Take a look at what excellence means to us!

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